Email Enterprise Services

Email Enterprise Layanan mencakup fitur-fitur dukungan berikut ini:

Manajer Akun Teknis

(i) A technical account manager will be assigned to Customer’s Account and made available via phone and email ke Customer as the primary technical point of contact and support escalation point during designated business hours (the “Manajer Akun Teknis”). Business hours may reasonably be expanded or contracted from time to time by Bird.

(ii)   The Technical Account Manager, with assistance from the Bird team where applicable, will provide the following services in connection with Email Enterprise: 

  1. panduan perencanaan migrasi untuk transisi lalu lintas email ke Email Enterprise dari waktu ke waktu yang mempertimbangkan perkembangan reputasi IP (pemanasan IP) (tetapi tidak termasuk pembuatan atau penerjemahan templat Pelanggan atau manajemen proyek internal Pelanggan);

  2. oversight of support interactions and serves as an escalation path; 

  3. assistance with ongoing planning for new business needs, capacity growth, and feature planning management; and  

  4. informasi dan edukasi mengenai tren industri dan praktik terbaik industri yang direkomendasikan yang berkaitan dengan bisnis Nasabah.

General Deliverability Dukung

The Technical Account Manager will provide the following Email Enterprise general deliverability support: 

  1. deliverability best practice guidance and education - detailed instructions on how to establish and maintain a good reputation with mailbox providers by following an IP warm plan and adhering to industry best practices; 

  2. blocklist monitoring - monitoring status of message streams and domains on key industry blocklists for top mailbox providers; and 

  3. ISP block remediation - Tier 1 (standard form-based) mediation with mailbox providers on Customer’s behalf to help resolve issues if deliverability issues arise after following all of Bird’s best practice recommendations. 

General Deliverability Support does not include deliverability strategy services or Tier 2 (bespoke assistance) mediation with mailbox providers. Inbox placement rates cannot be guaranteed by Bird given the great number of conditions, practices, and reputational issues outside our control. Bird is not responsible for inbox placement rates. 

Issue Resolution

Tidak tersedia” or “Tidak tersedia” means when, in a given second, the Customer attempts to make: 

  1. API calls to Email Enterprise and all such API calls fail due to either an Email Enterprise server-side timeout or internal service error; and/or 

  2. Injeksi SMTP ke Email Enterprise dan semua injeksi SMTP tersebut gagal karena batas waktu sisi server Email Enterprise atau kesalahan layanan internal.

Customer will use the following procedures for issue resolution: 

Masalah Non-Kritis:

(i)     A “Masalah Non-Kritis” means: 

  1. bug perangkat lunak yang menyebabkan masalah tetapi tidak terus-menerus Ketidaktersediaan;

  2. Email Enterprise configuration requests; and 

  3. information requests with respect to Email Enterprise. 


(ii)    For Non-Masalah Kritis resolution:

  1. Customers will submit a support ticket to us via the platform dashboard or a designated email address (a “Kasus Dukungan”). 

  2. A Customer Support agent will respond ke Support Case via email, during business hours, and begin working towards a resolution of the Non-Masalah Kritis. 

  3. Customer will continue to provide all necessary information required to address the Non-Critical Issue. 

  4. Customer Support agent assigned to the Support Case will have primary responsibility for contact with Customer and will provide updates on progress in addressing the Non-Critical Issue. 

  5. Customer and Bird will mutually agree when a Non-Critical Issue has been resolved. 

Critical Issue

(i)       A “Critical Issue” means a software bug causing persistent Unavailability. 

(ii)   For Critical Issue resolution:

  1. Customers will first submit a support ticket to us via the platform dashboard or a designated email address and thereafter can call us di provided Severity 1 Hotline. The Severity 1 Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

  2. A Customer Service representative will take the Customer’s vital information, including the company name, contact name, contact telephone number, contact email address, and a description of the Critical Issue. A Customer Support agent will return the call within fifteen (15) minutes to gather further information from the Customer and begin working toward a resolution. 

  3. The Critical Issue will be addressed until the Critical Issue has ended or a workaround has been provided. 

  4. Customer will receive updates on a reasonable and mutually agreed upon periodic basis as to the nature of the Critical Issue and the expected time to resolution. 

  5. Pelanggan dan Bird akan saling menyetujui ketika Masalah Kritis telah diselesaikan.

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