Next Level customer support

Enhance customer service while cutting costs. Quickly resolve issues and impress customers with AI-driven self-service. Empower your agents with real-time context and insights

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By clicking "See Bird" you agree to Bird's Privacy Notice.


reduction in average handle time



increase in first contact resolution



improvement in CSAT scores

AI ticket management

AI ticket management

Offers robust ticket management capabilities, including tags for quick issue classification, automated ticket dispatch rules, and AI-generated auto replies - empower support agents to focus on more complex issues, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency

Customizable help desk

Customizable help desk

Users can automate ticket assignments based on agent workload, skills, or preferred channels, streamlining support processes and optimizing resource utilization

Advanced reporting and analytics

Advanced reporting and analytics

The platform provides comprehensive reporting features, such as activity dashboards, and performance metrics, enabling data-driven insights to improve operational efficiency and customer service quality



Empower agents with the right context about the contact and the conversation. Easily bring external information via integrations. Enable AI-powered insights on conversation history

Streamline Support with Smart Solutions

Assist users from their initial inquiry to consistent engagement

AI assistant

Answer customer queries with knowledge base powered AI

Quick responses

Pre-written responses for common situations in Inbox - Reply lightning-fast without sacrificing personalization

Multiple connectors

Out-of-the-box connectors allow you to see all related details of your customer, e.g. the Shopify order details right inside of your conversation

Automated workflow magic

Set up rules in Inbox to automate support workflows, ensuring that tickets are handled efficiently and consistently, saving your team valuable time and effort

Efficient ticket management

Robust ticket management features

including tagging, automated workflows, and email notifications, streamline customer inquiries

Enabling faster response times

Facilitating swift and efficient reactions, enhancing overall responsiveness

Improved issue resolution

Enhanced problem-solving capabilities leading to more effective resolutions

Automate common actions

Streamline routine tasks by leveraging predefined sequences and macros

Automated processes with templates

With Bird anyone can build high converting forms. Simply drag-and-drop content blocks as required to design engaging forms.

Automated Merging

Bird allows automated ticket merging to streamline conversations

Efficient Support Empowerment

Empowering support teams to handle inquiries swiftly and consistently

Maintaining personalized interactions

Sustaining customized engagements across interactions

Templates - Easy as 1,2,3

Develop standardized formats utilizing our omnichannel templates and canned responses

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Advanced tools & analytics dashboards

Sophisticated tools for comprehensive reporting and analytical dashboards

Data-Driven Performance Tracking

Allows businesses to track performance metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions

Improved efficiency

Boosts efficiency by optimizing response times and overall operational effectiveness

Efficiency & Satisfaction Boost

Drive enhanced customer satisfaction alongside streamlined operational efficiency

Intuitive products

built for the Enterprise

Unrivaled scale

We process almost half a trillion Emails, SMS, and payments each month. Our scale means we have encountered all the pitfalls, and we'll help you avoid them.

In-depth access controls

The entire platform offers fine grained access controls that allow you to provision your workspace, it's users, and how you get billed with total control and flexibility.

World-class support

With Bird you gain direct access to a dedicated team of experience specialised that can help you migrate, scale, and optimize—whether it's cost, speed, or deliverability that you are looking for.

Global compliance

Our legal and compliance teams work directly with thousands of highly regulated enterprises on a daily basis to help them stay compliant both domestically and across borders.

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