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Customer stories

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Streamlining Marketplace Operations with Bird: How OCUS Improved Efficiency up to 14 times

EF English Live use Taxi to scale and increase operational efficiency

Scissors, Shampoo, and More Revenue: How Aimy Helps Salons Increase Repeat Bookings by 30% with Bird

How SuperVista achieved 200% more leads and improved customer engagement with MessageBird

Scaled Agile, Inc. Reduced Email Design Bottlenecks by 100% with Taxi for Email

How Yoco's Partnership with Bird Deflected Human Chats by 42% and Improved Customer Service

Heracles adopts fans’ favorite channels and scores a 95% engagement rate on WhatsApp

Urbanic reduces incoming customer support inquiries by 30% with WhatsApp

Al Jazeera’s fact-checking agency resolves 20% of requests automatically via WhatsApp

ComparaOnline increases car and travel insurance conversion rates by 18%

Houm attracts 64% more qualified leads and reduces response time

Aramex achieves 2.7x productivity and handles 500K WhatsApp messages every month

Matahari 2.5x conversion rates with WhatsApp marketing

SON Sends 21M+ OTP Messages With 99%+ Delivery Rate

BukuWarung optimized OTP conversion rates by 15%

OVO Energy achieves 2x agent efficiency by automating meter readings

Ralali Decreases First-Response Time (FRT) By 66% with Bird

How Expert achieved an 80% conversion rate with WhatsApp Business

Guzman y Gomez increased sales by 40% by deploying four new channels

Genesys achieves 4x more work in just 90 days with an Email Design System

How Eventbrite improved email seeding and deliverability analytics with Bird

Glovo improves partner onboarding by 4x with WhatsApp and Flow Builder

PagerDuty enables real-time notifications at scale using Bird

How Zillow achieved a 161% increase in email open rates with Bird

DrDoctor save hospitals millions annually through SMS and Voice messages

How Nujek uses WhatsApp and automation to increase customer satisfaction at scale

How Sailthru deploys hundreds of millions of personalized emails every day using PowerMTA

How Emma uses PowerMTA to increase email volumes efficiently

How Listrak uses PowerMTA to scale up sending effortlessly

How Guardian Life ensures reliable transactional notifications with Bird

Bird delivers success for a Martech innovator and its customers

Your new standard in Marketing, Payments & Sales. It's Bird

The right message -> to the right person -> at the right time.

Your new standard in Marketing, Payments & Sales. It's Bird

The right message -> to the right person -> at the right time.