Bird's Trust Centre

Bird's Trust Centre

Bird's Trust Centre

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By clicking "See Bird" you agree to Bird's Privacy Notice.


Bird is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform for Marketing, Customer Service, and Payments, powering over 5 trillion annual messages across channels like Email, SMS, and WhatsApp. The impact is real – our messages reach at least 50% of the world's population yearly. If you ever ordered takeaway or purchased goods online, it’s almost guaranteed you have encountered messages through Bird’s technology.

The company has more than 25,000 customers, from rapidly growing disruptors to innovative enterprises. Bird enables consumers to connect with businesses in the same way they connect with their friends — seamlessly, on their own timeline, and with context. Bird caters to a wide range of clients and understands that it needs to safeguard its customer’s data. Bird has prepared documentation to provide an assurance that Bird is committed to providing best practice security and privacy technical and organizational measures. Close attention to local rules and regulations, employee screening, and data encryption are just a few ways Bird ensures the ongoing security and reliability of its platform and the services that go over it.



To request access please email and list the specific documents you are interested in

Bird Security


ISO 27001 Certificate

ISO 27001 Statement of Applicability


ISO 27001 Public Scope Document

ISO 27001 Audit Report Summary

SOC2 Type II Report

Penetration Test
Attestation Letter

Bird SOC2 Type II
2023-2025 Overview

SOC2 Type II Bridge Letter

Data Processing Agreement

Privacy Statement

EU-US Data Privacy Framework
(MessageBird USA, Inc.)

Intuitive products

built for the Enterprise

Unrivaled scale

We process almost half a trillion Emails, SMS, and payments each month. Our scale means we have encountered all the pitfalls, and we'll help you avoid them.

In-depth access controls

The entire platform offers fine grained access controls that allow you to provision your workspace, it's users, and how you get billed with total control and flexibility.

World-class support

With Bird you gain direct access to a dedicated team of experience specialised that can help you migrate, scale, and optimize—whether it's cost, speed, or deliverability that you are looking for.

Global compliance

Our legal and compliance teams work directly with thousands of highly regulated enterprises on a daily basis to help them stay compliant both domestically and across borders.

Connect your existing systems and data sources with ease

Your new standard in Marketing, Payments & Sales. It's Bird

The right message -> to the right person -> at the right time.

By clicking "See Bird" you agree to Bird's Privacy Notice.