Stripe is a payment solution system.


Stripe is a payment processing platform that helps businesses accept payments online. It offers secure, customizable payment solutions and fraud prevention tools to help businesses accept payments from customers around the world. **Who uses Stripe?** * Stripe has 2 million customers worldwide. * More than 3.1 million websites accept payments using Stripe. * Stripe is available for businesses in 46 countries. **What can I do with Stripe by Bird?** Integrating Bird and Stripe can help you automate payments, customer communications, and customer support. With Bird's reliable communication platform, businesses can send out notifications to customers accross a large range of channels (SMS, Voice, WhatsApp etc ...) to remind them to make payments or confirm orders. **Use Stripe by Bird to:** * Create and send payment links. * Confirm payment statuses to customers. * Create coupons and promotions. * Manage refunds.


Checkout session completed

Occurs when a Checkout Session has been successfully completed.

Checkout session payment failed

Occurs when a payment intent using a delayed payment method fails.

Checkout session expired

Occurs when a Checkout Session is expired.

Coupon created

Occurs whenever a coupon is created.

Order created

Occurs whenever an order is created.

Payment link created

Occurs when a payment link is created.

Payment link updated

Occurs when a payment link is updated.

Product created

Occurs whenever a product is created.

Product updated

Occurs whenever a product is updated.

Product deleted

Occurs whenever a product is deleted.

Price created

Occurs whenever a price is created.

Price updated

Occurs whenever a price is updated.

Refund created

Occurs whenever a refund from a customer’s cash balance is created.

Refund updated

Occurs whenever a refund from a customer’s cash balance is updated.

Charge dispute created

Occurs whenever a customer disputes a charge with their bank.

Charge dispute closed

Occurs when a dispute is closed and the dispute status changes to lost, warning_closed, or won.

Invoice paid

Occurs whenever an invoice payment attempt succeeds or an invoice is marked as paid out-of-band.

Invoice payment action required

Occurs whenever an invoice payment attempt requires further user action to complete.

Invoice payment failed

Occurs whenever an invoice payment attempt fails, due either to a declined payment or to the lack of a stored payment method.

Invoice payment succeeded

Occurs whenever an invoice payment attempt succeeds.

Invoice sent

Occurs whenever an invoice email is sent out.


Create coupon

Creates a coupon that your customers can use at checkout. You need to provide either an amount off or a percentage off.

Delete coupon

Deletes a coupon. However, deleting a coupon does not affect any customers who have already applied the coupon; it means that new customers can’t redeem the coupon.

Create promotion code

A promotion code points to a coupon. You can optionally restrict the code to a specific customer, redemption limit, and expiration date.

Create payment link

Create a payment link that customers can follow to pay for an order.

Get payment link

Retrieve a payment link.

Create price

Creates a new price for an existing product. The price can be recurring or one-time.

Create product

Creates a new product object.

Get product

Retrieves the details of an existing product.

Create refund

Creating a new refund will refund a charge that has previously been created but not yet refunded. Funds will be refunded to the credit or debit card that was originally charged.

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