Pipedrive is a CRM tool for sales teams to manage and track contacts, leads and deals.


Pipedrive is a powerful CRM platform designed to help businesses better manage their sales and customer relationships. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive features allow users to quickly and easily track leads, close deals, and keep up with customer interactions. Pipedrive also offers powerful analytics and reporting tools to help businesses better understand their customers and performance. **Who uses Pipedrive?** * Over 100,000 companies use Pipedrive. * Pipedrive is used in over 170 countries. * Over 200 million deals were added to pipelines. Of those, over 70 million were won. **What can I do with Pipedrive by Bird?** Bird's integration with Pipedrive will help you keep track of customer interactions and closely monitor customer relationships. **Use Pipedrive by Bird to:** * Manage your deals and the associated customer interactions. * Create and manage incoming leads. * Create and manage persons & users. * Get notified when a new deal, lead or person is created. * Synchronise your persons with the Bird contacts app.


Note added

Note deleted

Note updated

Deal added

Deal deleted

Deal updated

Activity added

Activity deleted

Activity updated

Organization added

Organization deleted

Organization updated

Person added

Person deleted

Person updated


Get users

Returns data about all users within the company.

Search users

Finds users by their name or email.

Get deal details

Returns the details of a specific deal.

Search deals

Searches all deals by title, notes and/or custom fields.

Add a deal

Adds a new deal.

Update a deal

Updates the properties of a deal.

Add product to a deal

Adds a product to a deal, creating a new item called a deal-product.

Get lead details

Returns details of a specific lead.

Search leads

Searches all leads by title, notes and/or custom fields.

Add a lead

Adds a new lead.

Update a lead

Updates one or more properties of a lead.

Get person details

Returns the details of a person.

Search persons

Searches all persons by name, email, phone, notes and/or custom fields.

Add a person

Adds a new person.

Update a person

Updates the properties of a person.

List person deals

Lists deals associated with a person.

List person products

Lists products associated with a person.

Get organization details

Returns the details of an organization.

Search organizations

Searches all organizations by name, address, notes and/or custom fields.

Add an organization

Adds a new organization.

Update an organization

Updates the properties of an organization.

Add a note

Adds a new note.

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