Atlassian Jira

Atlassian Jira is a bug tracking tool that allows software developers to plan, track and work faster.


Atlassian Jira is a project management tool designed to help teams plan, track, and release software. It provides an issue tracker to track tasks, bugs, and other items, as well as a customizable workflow to help teams collaborate effectively. With its robust reporting and analytics capabilities, Jira helps teams stay on track and make informed decisions. **What can I do with Atlassian Jira by Bird?** Integrating Jira with Bird enables teams to stay up to date on tasks, bugs, and other issues in real-time. By automating communications, teams can quickly and easily receive notifications when tasks are updated, bugs are fixed, and other issues arise. This helps teams stay on top of their projects and ensures that issues are addressed quickly and efficiently. **Use Atlassian Jira by Bird to:** * Create tickets. * Transition tickets. * Create tickets comments. * Assign tickets. * Get notified of ticket changes. * Get notified of new comments.


Issue created

Issue updated

Issue deleted

Comment created

Comment updated

Comment deleted


Get create issue metadata

Get the metadata of issue creation

Get edit issue metadata

Get the metadata of issue edition

Get labels

Get the available labels

Get fields

Get the available fields

Get priorities

Get the available priorities

Get project statuses

Get the available statuses for a project

Get transitions

Get the available transitions for an issue

Get users

Get users of the organisation

Search users by attributes

Search users by attributes

Search issues

Search issues

Get issue details

Get details of an issue

Delete issue

Delete an issue

Create issue

Create a new issue inside a project

Update issue

Updates an issue inside a project

Transition issue

Transition an issue to a new status

Assign issue

Assign the issue to a user

Create issue comment

Create a new comment inside an issue

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