Supercharge your shipping! Seamlessly integrate our marketplace app for a unified, automated shipping solution. Effortless, global logistics at your fingertips.


Transform your shipping logistics with our marketplace app integration. Access real-time shipping rates, streamline label generation, and ensure hassle-free customs clearance. Enjoy automated tracking, reducing manual efforts and enhancing customer satisfaction. Elevate your e-commerce experience by seamlessly managing global logistics. Our integrated solution is designed to optimize shipping workflows, cut costs, and provide a superior customer experience. Shipping made efficient and effective, enhancing your marketplace operations.


Shipment label created

Occurs when a shipment label is created.

Shipment label generation failed

Occurs when a shipment label has failed to generate.

Shipment tracking status changed

Occurs when a shipment tracking status has changed.

Shipment checkpoints increased

Occurs when a shipment checkpoints have been increased.

Shipment warehouse state updated

Occurs when a shipment warehouse state has changed.

Shipment cancelled

Occurs when a shipment status has been marked as cancelled.

Batch started

Occurs when a first shipment in a batch has been processed.

Batch finished

Occurs when the processing of the last shipment in a batch has happened.

Batch item finished

Occurs when a batch item has been successfully processed.

Low credit balance

Occurs when the account has a low credit balance.


List couriers

Retrieve a list of couriers available with your account.

List item categories

Retrieve a list of item categories.

List boxes

Retrieve a list of available courier boxes and your custom boxes.

List addresses

Retrieve a list of all addresses ordered by date of creation.

List shipments

Retrieve a list of shipments.

Get shipment

Retrieve details of a specific shipment.

Get shipment documents

Retrieve shipping documents of specific shipment.

Cancel shipment

Retrieve details of a specific shipment.

Create shipment

Create a new shipment.

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