Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a scalable and secure object storage service by Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Connect to your contact data using S3 to engage with them across channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, Email and others using Bird CRM. Deliver personalised marketing, track campaigns and enrich your audience. **What can you do with the S3 Connector?** **Ingest Contact Data** - with automatic ingestion of contact data from S3 tables into Bird at regular intervals, you can: - Facilitate more targeted audience-building. - Build a unified view of contacts by adding contact attributes and activity history. **Ingest Activity Data** - With this connector, you can also ingest activity data tied to contacts, such as subscriptions and orders, and leverage it for different journey and automation use cases. **How it works?** Once installed, the S3 connector will help you pick the CSV file from the S3 bucket and regularly ingest it to Bird as contacts or activity data. After installation, under the "Data Sync" tab, you can choose the attributes and the frequency for the data sync from S3 into Bird.


Contact Updated

Occurs when a contact is updated.

Order confirmed

Occurs when an order has been confirmed and paid for.

Subscription created

Occurs when a subscription is created.

Subscription updated

Occurs when a subscription is updated.

Subscription canceled

Occurs when a subscription is canceled.

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