A propos de Bird

We’re building a world where talking with a business is as easy and natural as talking to a friend

Bird is an AI-powered Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform for Marketing, Customer Service, and Pay, powering over 5 trillion annual messages across channels like Email, SMS, and WhatsApp. Le impact is real – our messages reach at least 50% of the world's population yearly. If you ever ordered takeaway or purchased goods online, it’s almost guaranteed you have encountered messages through Bird’s technology.

Bird’s AI-powered CRM helps businesses create effortless experiences, drive more revenue, provide customer service, and process payments from any country. We offer these services in a single platform, enabling efficiency in business operations our customers won’t find anywhere else, ultimately helping them save the most precious gift of all - temps.

Making things more efficient and, as a result, giving back time à la billions of people we impact drives us to build a legacy company that survives our own time on this planet.

Our Story

Bird was founded in 2011 by Robert Vis, Founder and CEO, and co-founders René Feiner, Bob Violier, Ihab Matta, and Adriaan Mol as Mobile Tulip, shortly after renamed MessageBird. In 2024, we rebranded to Bird following the public launch of Bird CRM.

Our first product was an SMS API utilizing global carrier networks. Back then we built our carrier network and the software to run it independently. We became a registered telecommunication partner with our own Mobile Network Code in several countries, directly connected to 600 of the 1800 carrier networks globally.

Our infrastructure, which includes SCCP, SS7, SMPP, SIP, and PMTA software, was all developed in-house from the ground up. We believe in owning our technology and driving our identity as a deeply technical engineering company. Our curiosity and drive to innovate inspire us consistently to explore and create new solutions.

This drive also led us to expand, from our carrier network into more channels like WhatsApp, Email, and Voice. In 2023, we launched Bird CRM, offering marketing, customer service, and payments on top of our channel API. We are the only vertically integrated CRM that owns every part of the stack ourselves, allowing us to ultimately offer faster, cheaper, and more reliable services than our competitors.

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Your new standard in Marketing, Pay & Sales. It's Bird

Le right message -> à la right person -> au right time.

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Your new standard in Marketing, Pay & Sales. It's Bird

The right message -> to the right person -> au right time.

By clicking "See Bird" you agree to Bird's Avis de confidentialité.