Enterprise ready Solutions for Marketing, Service & Payments

Bird is designed to help you connect with customers and manage your customers’ data at scale, and with full compliance.

5 Trillion

Interactions annually

We are the backbone that powers SMS, Email, WhatsApp, calls and payments for the world’s leading businesses.


Of global B2B & B2C email

We send over a third of global commercial email, offering seamless and reliable services for customers of all scales.


Available per product

We provide per product SLAs as required, whether it's message burst-rates, uptime, or short notice support responses.

We'll make this one easy.

It checks all the boxes in your RFP.

Bird was built from the ground up with the Enterprise in mind. Customization, compliance, security—whatever you need to scale it's available across all products.

Tailored setup

Our experts will help your solutions setup to meet your unique needs and objectives.

Role Based Access Control

Manage access and feature on a granular level for individual users and groups.


Rely on our proven security experience, certifications and best practices.

Single sign-on

Manage user access through a single, centralized directory and keep your data safe.

Audit Logs

Keep track in detailed for all account and user activity across the entire platform.

Local data residency

Stay compliant with national privacy regulations, including CCPA and GDPR.

Deployment Options

Manage security and reliablity concerns with flexible deployment options.


Enable coworker collaboration at scale through centralized management features.


Unlock cross-platform data portability between existing systems and data sources.

Reporting & Analytics

Get detailed insights and analytics to track performance and discover opportunities.

Support & SLAs

Receive 24/7 support and custom SLAs to match your unique requirements.

ISO 27001 certified

Bird and all integrated hosting providers are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

Dedicated IP Pools

Protect and maintain your sending reputation, improving your email deliverability.

Flexible workspaces

Create separate workspaces for each department, and assign and manage budgets centrally.

Deliverability services

Our experts are on-hand to help you maintain high rates and reach more customers.

Intuitive products

built for the Enterprise

Unrivaled scale

We process almost half a trillion Emails, SMS, and payments each month. Our scale means we have encountered all the pitfalls, and we'll help you avoid them.

In-depth access controls

The entire platform offers fine grained access controls that allow you to provision your workspace, it's users, and how you get billed with total control and flexibility.

World-class support

With Bird you gain direct access to a dedicated team of experience specialised that can help you migrate, scale, and optimize—whether it's cost, speed, or deliverability that you are looking for.

Global compliance

Our legal and compliance teams work directly with thousands of highly regulated enterprises on a daily basis to help them stay compliant both domestically and across borders.

Connect your existing systems and data sources with ease

Your new standard in Marketing, Sales & Payments. It's Bird