Bird delivers success for a Martech innovator and its customers

Bird delivers success for a Martech innovator and its customers


Email API


Using Bird, Iterable’s Growth Marketing Platform can offer new functionality in its platform, operates more efficiently, and expands engagement rates.



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Email API

Scaled-up sending

1,000 emails per second

More efficient

No outages or delays

Detailed deliverabilty

Offered to Iterable clients

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Iterable is an all-in-one platform for transactional, promotional and lifecycle messaging. The Iterable team makes it easy for marketers to create automated, targeted emails and push with modern APIs and integrations that reduce engineering time. The company’s full suite of tools – including subscriber segmentation, A/B testing, a drip campaign builder and real-time analytics – maximizes revenue and engagement.


Iterable faced the below challenges:

  • They were not confident their incumbent ESP could scale with fast-growing sending volumes

  • Their reliability and performance could be spotty, with incidents where emails were delayed or undelivered

  • After repeated incidents where emails were not sent out timely, Iterable made the decision to begin a search for a new cloud email partner.


The Iterable team chose MessageBird because of:

  • Message Systems' reputation as an industry leader and strong recommendations from trusted advisors experienced in high-volume digital messaging.

  • Quick onboarding, with the transition to Bird completed in about a week.

  • Expertise and support from the Bird team, providing prompt responses to technical integration inquiries and helping formulate strategies for ramping up dedicated IPs for Iterable customers.

“The core of our business is giving marketers intuitive tools to send emails and push notifications in a way that delights users and drives conversion. Bird eliminated the problems we were having to the point where excellent deliverability is now a competitive advantage for us. Our volumes are at an all-time high, and we’re confident this can scale even higher as needed.” 

Justin Zhu, Co-founder & CEO


With Bird, Iterable is operating more efficiently, with higher customer engagement rates and steady revenue streams that aren’t being interrupted by sending delays or outages. 

They have steadily scaled their messaging volumes – now sending up to ~1,000 messages/ second via API using moderate computing resources.

Iterable has also been able to expand its offerings with Bird, now providing highly detailed deliverability analytics to its clients.

Bird: The world's most powerful email platform is now in the cloud.

Message Systems is well known for providing Momentum — the premier email platform — to the most demanding businesses in the world.  With the launch of Bird, we're putting that same power and functionality in the hands of developers at companies of all sizes in an easily accessible, affordably priced cloud solution. It provides the same deliverability, scalability and speed as we provide to the biggest senders in the world, in an easily integrated, pay-as-you-go cloud solution.

Built by Message Systems

In addition to many of the largest social networks, four of the world’s five biggest email services providers are Message Systems customers. The majority of Message Systems’ clients send over 10 million email messages per day, and some send in the billions. In fact, at least 20% of legitimate (non-spam) B2B and B2C email traffic worldwide gets delivered through the Momentum platform.

Your new standard in Marketing, Payments & Sales. It's Bird

The right message -> to the right person -> at the right time.

Your new standard in Marketing, Payments & Sales. It's Bird

The right message -> to the right person -> at the right time.