Genesys achieves 4x more work in just 90 days with an Email Design System

Genesys achieves 4x more work in just 90 days with an Email Design System


Email Design System Studio


Genesys scaled up their email production and accomplished four times the amount of work within the first 90 days of implementing Email Design System Studio.



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Every year Genesys delivers more than 70 billion remarkable customer experiences for organizations in over 100 countries. Through the power of the cloud and AI, their technology connects every customer moment across marketing, sales, and service on any channel while improving employee experiences.


Email is one of the top sources of attribution to Genesys, with everyone from designers, to marketers, copywriters, translators, and developers building email campaigns. This totals to roughly 100+ people working on email in a dozen different languages, so it was crucial to have a platform that could facilitate scalable email creation and delivery while maintaining brand consistency. 

The team needed help to address the following challenges:

  • Their current process was too technical. The biggest bottleneck was that the QA teams were getting bogged down fixing HTML errors caused by WYSIWYG editors. Campaigns were slowed down because marketers were having to learn HTML coding instead of focusing on email campaigns.

  • They were unable to lock down branding in their email templates. Although Genesys could create specific branded templates for their ESP, they didn’t have the ability to lock down brand palettes or specific sections (e.g., footers) for teams. This meant there was a risk of emails going out off-brand. As they were limited in locking down fundamental design elements, it placed a lot of stress on their QA and deployment team.

  • Building email was a very manual process. With various different global teams and audiences, they sent between 10-15 different emails a week. For each email sent, 10 versions would need to be created and translated. This was a long and tiresome process for their translators.

  • There were delays in deploying automated emails.  Automated emails were hard. It took a lot of bandwidth to automate one regional nurture stream - around six months. This was a big challenge and hindered them from keeping up with their marketing and content goals.


The marketing team at Genesys partnered closely with the Technical Success and Customer Sucess teams to gain all the support and expertise needed. They developed a customized Email Design System that required no-code, where users could build email using Bird’s intuitive editor - with the branding already locked down. 

Customizing Email Design System for Seamless Campaign Creation

Genesys implemented a customized Email Design System which gave the team complete control and confidence building email campaigns. The Email Design System locked down design and branding elements, ensuring consistency across the board. With the ability to make edits without adding code, the teams can go to market faster, because changes take significantly less time. Over 110 marketers at Genesys now use Bird to create email in one place.

“Bird's ability to lock down areas of our email design system has been invaluable to us. It has enabled consistency for every email we send. This has also freed up time from our QA process as we know every email going out the door will be on-brand, so we can concentrate on the content and design side.” 

Simplified Email Creation Process

Previously it would take a small team of 2-3 people 6 months to automate a single regional nurture stream. With Bird, the team are able to involve marketers from around the world to assist in building automations, making the process faster for everyone. Each email can be quickly and easily built in an intuitive drag-and-drop editor speeding up production globally. In 3 months, the team have accomplished 4 times the amount of work by allowing non-technical teams to produce email. 

“Now, with Bird, we can enable more marketers globally to help us build automations and speed up the process for everyone. In 3 months, we’ve knocked out 4 times the work by enabling the less technical teams to help on email production.”

Tammi St. Angelo, Global Marketing Automation and Email Strategy

Effortless Campaign Exports from Bird

To enable global marketers to build their own email campaigns, Genesys leveraged Bird’s direct integration with their ESP, Eloqua. The integration allowed anyone to build and export emails with a few clicks, plus Bird doesn’t add additional code so campaigns only need one round of QAing. This has optimized the campaign creation process across timezones and reduced unnecessary meetings for executing campaigns. 

“It's been a huge advantage for us that Bird is able to support integrations with different platforms. From moving ESPs and migrating all of our data, it has meant that all the other little worries have been handled in Bird.”

Tammi St. Angelo, Global Marketing Automation and Email Strategy

Simplifying Quality Checks with Expectations

Genesys implemented Bird's Expectations feature, which alerted marketers to errors during the email creation process. For example, if an image hasn’t been updated or a CTA link is missing. By incorporating these rules into their design system, on-brand, and error-free emails were ensured before exporting.

Enhancing collaboration

Bird's team and project structures allowed Genesys to set permissions, ensuring the right teams had access to the relevant projects. The team feature in Bird's platform facilitated effective collaboration, while project groups ensured the appropriate translators, editors, and copywriters could edit the relevant projects in Bird.

Supporting Multiple Translations in the Editor

Genesys simplified their translation process by leveraging the Email Design System's support for multiple languages. Marketers only needed to enable the language feature in the document settings, allowing translators to add localized copy to the template. With Bird's automation of multiple versions for different languages, Genesys can build email at scale.

“Bird’s live preview tool has been critical for us to render-check how the email looks, especially when we have translators adding content once the emails have been exported. The live preview tool means you can build your emails in desktop view, but switch between mobile and iPad view directly in the editor instead of exporting and sending tests of the email to yourself to check. Little wins like this have really saved our team time.”

Tammi St. Angelo, Global Marketing Automation and Email Strategy


In the past, Genesys's small technical team struggled with the bandwidth required for automations. It would take six months to automate one regional nurture stream. Now 100+ people touch email in a dozen different languages, allowing them to send email at scale. After implementing Bird's Email Design Studio, in just 90 days they 4x the amount of work by involving less technical teams in email production. By making email accessible for anyone they were able to accomplish significantly more work within a smaller timeframe.

Your new standard in Marketing, Payments & Sales. It's Bird

The right message -> to the right person -> at the right time.

Your new standard in Marketing, Payments & Sales. It's Bird

The right message -> to the right person -> at the right time.