The AI-first CRM

Bird helps marketing, service, and engineering teams create personalized interactions that drive customer growth.

By clicking "See Bird" you agree to Bird's

By clicking "See Bird" you agree to Bird's

Traditional marketing and service tools don’t set you up to seize the opportunity AI brings

Dispersed data

Customer data is scattered across tools which prevents contextual personalization.

Surface level AI

True efficiency requires more than image and text generation; tools fail to be deeply integrated with data or act on it.

Lack of channel access

Not all channels are fully supported or are prohibitively expensive at scale.

Lack of channel access

Channels are not fully supported or are prohibitively expensive at scale.

Bird lets you apply real-time intelligence whenever and wherever you engage with customers.

Centralized data

Easily collect profiles, preferences, and behaviors from any data source in one place.


Bird enables deep integrations with AI vendors so you can enrich all aspects of your setup.

Channels at scale

Bird powers over 6.5 trillion interactions each year acrosss Email, SMS, WhatsApp and more.

Marketing Cloud

AI-first marketing automation on any channel

Discover smarter ways to create campaigns, personalize journeys, and surface insights.

Service Cloud

Deliver blazing fast support, with agents and bots

Automate tasks, personalize interactions, and gain real-time insights.

Payments Cloud

Accept payments as part of any experience

Securely accept payments across channels, currencies, and billing cycles.

Developers Cloud

Scalable APIs for Email, SMS, WhatsApp and more

Save engineering time with intuitive APIs that let you focus on building a great product.

Bird fuels customer growth

Explore how Bird empowers customers through smart automation, personalized intelligence, and omnichannel interactions driven by contextual machine learning.

“We can reach more customers, more effectively and keep them better informed about new offers. This has helped us increase our conversion rates and sales.”

Tjhai A Eng

Marketing & Loyalty


Increased sales conversion rates


WhatsApp messages delivery rate


WhatsApp marketing messages sent

For Enterprises

Intuitive products built for Enterprises

Anything you need for the best experience.

Unrivaled scale

We process almost half a trillion Emails, SMS, and payments each month. Our scale means we have encountered all the pitfalls, and we'll help you avoid them.

In-depth access controls

The entire platform offers fine grained access controls that allow you to provision your workspace, it's users, and how you get billed with total control and flexibility.

World-class support

With Bird you gain direct access to a dedicated team of experience specialised that can help you migrate, scale, and optimize—whether it's cost, speed, or deliverability that you are looking for.

Global compliance

Our legal and compliance teams work directly with thousands of highly regulated enterprises on a daily basis to help them stay compliant both domestically and across borders.

Your favorite apps and tools ready to connect

The AI-first CRM for Marketing, Services and Payments

By clicking "See Bird" you agree to Bird's

The AI-first CRM for Marketing, Services and Payments

By clicking "See Bird" you agree to Bird's